Why do we need glyconutrient supplements?

In our diet today, the eight essential glyconutrients are often missing. Most diets today contain only two of the eight glucose and galactose. Glucose is supplied from such food sources a wheat, rice, and sugar cane. Glucose and galactose are supplied through the breakdown of lactose from dairy sources.

If we are deficient in the 8 essential sugars, the cells will eventually lack the communication system necessary to maintain good health.

Why are our diets deficient in glyconutrients? The so-called fresh fruits and vegetables we buy today have few glyconutrients (or nutritional value at all) because they are often grown in nutrient-deficient soil, picked before they ripen naturally, gassed, irradiated, artificially ripened, stored for days, weeks, or months, cooked, frozen, canned, processed, refined, pasteurised, genetically engineered, etc. Cooking and processing deplete glyconutrients further.

Glycobiology has also found that beneficial bacteria in the colon breakdown polysaccharides to monosaccharides (glyconutrients). But the bacterial content of modern people is different from our ancestors and so this process is less efficient.

Green harvesting allows long distance transport and allows fruit and vegetables to be stored for lengthy periods, but most of the essential glyconutrients are found only in food that is ripened on the vine/tree and they remain in the fruit or vegetable for only 48 hours after picking.

Consider the tomato:

  • Green harvesting loses up to 25% of its nutrients
  • Transporting loses up to 25% of its remaining nutrients
  • Storage loses up to 50% of its remaining nutrients
  • Canning loses up to 83% of its remaining nutrients
  • Cooking loses up to 50% of its remaining nutrients.

This leaves the tomato with 2.39% of it original nutrient content.

At the same time that our food has been reducing in nutrients, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic degenerative disease have been increasing alarmingly and have been occurring in younger age groups.

A growing mountain of evidence shows that all these diseases are caused by a single dietary deficiency: glyconutrients that are missing from our diet.

A dietary deficiency cannot be corrected with drugs or anything else, other than the missing nutrients.

Amongst the missing nutrients in our food today are the antioxidants which help to control free radicals and support our body to deal with environmental toxins. Learn more about toxins and free radicals.

Being proactive and taking control of our wellness by seeking to ensure that our body has the essential ingredients for optimal health is at the centre of the wellness vs sickness debate.  If you are interested in finding out how to buy glyconutritional products click here.