Glyconutrients and Anti-aging – glyconutrients and gerontology

Our body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but especially as we grow older the effects of daily stress and lack of proper nutrition reduce our body’s ability to maintain good health. We don’t have to get sick or grow old faster than we need to. We all live in a hostile environment where staying healthy is a major challenge for everyone especially those of us who have had more time to expose our bodies to toxins and inadequate nutritional intakes.

New discoveries in biochemistry, in particular, in glycobiology, provide us with knowledge on how to slow down the aging process and how to maintain optimum health into our 70s, 80s and beyond. No matter what our age, the addition of glyconutrients into our health regime will support our body’s incredible ability to heal, repair, regenerate, regulate and protect itself. Science has proven that our bodies use glyconutrients to prevent infections and diseases, and slow the aging process.

Many chronic diseases that develop late in life have been found to be influenced by earlier poor eating habits or poor nutritional intake. The earlier a balanced nutrition supplementation program is undertaken the greater the opportunity for prevention of the debilitating multi-diseases of aging. But even in later life when we are suffering the effects of earlier nutrition deficit and the debilitating effects of degenerative disease, the addition of nutritional supplements especially glyconutrients, can help to lessen the effects of diseases and improve the quality of life for people who are experiencing disease. This allows older people to maintain their independence for longer. It also can shorten the recovery time from illnesses.

If we take a proactive approach to our wellness as we age, we find that we enter a beneficial recursive cycle. By taking nutritional supplements such as glyconutrients that have been shown to improve our body’s ability to heal, repair, regenerate, regulate and protect itself, we find we feel better – we have more energy and a greater sense of well being. This leads us to want to be more physically active, which in turn enhances our positive attitude. Combined, these actions and attitudes lead to greatly improved wellness, which makes us feel better, and on, and on.