Glycosylation of Glyconutrients

Glyconutrients are necessary for every cell of your body and when you take glyconutrient supplements you are attempting to glycosylate all of the cells in your body. How fast will it work and which cells will be glycosylated?
Our body is made up of over 600 trillion cells. Cells are constantly being born and dying and cells have different life spans ranging from hours to years.


Granulocytes:eosinophils basophils, neutrophils 10 hours to 3 days
Stomach lining cells 2 days
Sperm cells 2-3 days
Stomach lining cells 2 days
Colon cells 3-4 days
Epithelia of small intestine 1 week or less
Platelets 10 days
Skin epidermal cells 2 – 4 weeks
Lymphocytes 2 months – a year (highly variable)
Red blood cells 4 months
Stomach lining cells 2 days
Macrophages months – years
Endothelial cells months – years
Pancreas cells 1 year or more
Bone Cells 25 – 30 years

When we take glyconutrient supplements we don’t know which cells will be glycosylated or how many. According to Dr Steve Nugent in How to Survive a Toxic Planet it is theoretically possible to take an oral dose of glyconutrients, which glycosylate 500,000 cells, as an example, and have 100,000 of those cells continue to live on when 400,000 of them will die. The cells that expired are being replaced by cells, which also need to be glycosylated and you may or may not have sufficient glyconutrients available at that moment to get that job done. With this in mind it will, in most cases, take months at a minimum to glycosylate the cells you need for your particular health issue.

Our body has the ability to use the glyconutrients on what it considers to be the most pressing health issue – and this may be one we aren’t aware of eg cancer takes many years to become evident.