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“Heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and most of the other major killers in society today can be classified as ‘diseases of the uninformed.’ They are nonetheless lethal but only to those who have not heard about prevention and natural cures. Unfortunately, this includes your loved ones and friends as well as the great majority of the Western world.”

Dr Helena Toth Hardy. N.D. C.N.C.

glyconutrients reference The purpose of this website is to provide an up-to-date reference source of glyconutrient research and associated information that is easily understood by the general public. Information concerning glyconutrients, glycobiology, glycoproteins, literally fills volumes of textbooks and thousands of medical research articles. Many of these publications are highly technical and difficult for the average person to understand.

Of the four major classes of biomolecules – proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates – carbohydrates are the most complex, and because of this complexity the science of glycobiology has evolved to be a significant research area. The recent focus on glycobiology and in particular glycoforms and glycocongugates and the glyconutrients has been paralleled by the general public’s increasing focus on wellness and on taking charge of their own health. Most people are aware of the scientific research that has established diet as an important component of many disease conditions and this has led to the general population paying more and more attention to nutritional intervention.

Our body is doing all it can, with all we give it to stay healthy. This is a tall ask given our nutritional intake – even those of us who eat well.

Scientists have recently discovered a new class of necessary nutrients – certain monosaccharides or carbohydrates that are necessary for maintaining health. These monosaccharides are called glyconutrients and there are 8 glyconutrients essential for each cell in our body to communicate correctly with the next cell or organism.

cell communicate

Science has proven that your body uses glyconutrients to prevent infections and disease, and slow the aging process. The medical literature documents improvement in every major category of disease, including conditions like diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hepatitis C, cancer, autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, candida infections, asthma, menopause, Tat-Sachs disease, urinary infections, upper respiratory infections, stroke, cerebral palsy, organ transplant, depression, muscular dystrophy, failure to thrive in infants, alcoholism, improvement in antioxidant defense, and many more.

The very areas of health that are the biggest challenges to modern medicine are the areas that body seems very capable of improving when given the right tools.

The effectiveness of glyconutrients as the key to proper cellular communication and proper cell function has been established by the world’s leading scientists and researchers. This research and the growing realisation amongst doctors and the general public will be the driving determinant for glyconutritionals playing a leading role in the 21st century’s emerging wellness industry

Optimal health is a lifetime commitment. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that mostly treat symptoms, nutritional supplementation acts as prevention as well as increasing the body’s ability to heal, repair, regenerate, regulate and protect itself. It therefore requires a lifetime commitment

As we’ve seen in controlled studies in humans and animals, the saccharides [glyconutrients] in combination with adequate amounts of other key essential nutrients, accelerate healing, improve immune function, slow down ageing, improve memory, lower anxiety without toxic side effects. When health is improved or restored, mind and body shift over to what the Chinese call ‘the right side’, embracing harmony, healing and ‘gong’.

Dr Emil Mondoa, MD Pediatrician and Scientific Researcher

50% of people have an undiagnosed chronic disease

Cancer can be present in our body 5 – 30 years before it is detectable

50% of the time the first indication of a heart problem is a fatal heart attack

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The 4 top causes of death are:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • stroke
  • properly prescribed and properly administered pharmaceutical drugs ….. in hospitals

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